The Zika Virus-What Can You Do?

The Zika Virus-What Can You Do?

The CDC or Centers for Disease Control have just created a travel alert for a number of Countries where the Aedes mosquitoe is active and known to be carrying the Zika virus. You can find that list of Countries here

This Mosquito is responsible for carrying a number of diseases including Dengue Fever. The cause for the alarm is that the Zika virus once transmitted to women that are pregnant can cause a condition called Microcephaly This creates a possibility that the baby is born with a number of issues including deformed head, hearing loss, brain damage, difficulty eating, developmental issues and so forth. Although currently the Countries affected are mainly in Latin America as of January 17th the virus was reported in Hawaii. It is also being detected in Puerto Rico.


The bottom line is that eventually the virus will arrive here in the Continental USA. This is caused by unaware individuals that are carrying the virus getting bitten by Mosquitoes that then transfer that virus to other mosquitoes. This means that more than ever steps to control mosquitoes must be taken seriously and by every person and town.

Currently medical authorities are working on an immunization but there is currently nothing on the market. What does this mean for you? If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant then travel to the Countries mentioned above is strongly discouraged. Also it is imperative that if you are pregnant exposure to mosquitoes is eliminated. Unfortunately that is difficult to do. Even now when most of the Country is enveloped in Winter there are areas where these insects are active and if the Zika virus makes it way here then the general population will be at risk. We have had sporadic cases of Dengue Fever, Malaria and other ailments that are thought of as third world issues. Mosquitoes do not care if they are in Asia or the United States. As long as there are breeding conditions, harborage and plentiful food that is all they need to survive. In Pennsylvania we provide all organic programs plus can provide a full inspection of your home and point out the areas that will create a mosquito habitat. It is not too early to start thinking about the steps you need to take to protect you and your family (as well as your neighbors) from the scourge of the Aedes.







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