Rat Control in New York City

Rat Control in New York City

A3 Superior provides Rat Control to NYC and beyond.

Rodent Control in New York City

As we can see by this Wikipedia article Rats are such an issue in New York City that they have their own Wikipedia section. Rats are an ongoing challenge to the pest control operator. This would be true of any area but New York City poses particular challenges. The main challenge that we face in controlling rats is that we are typically just treating the tip of the iceberg so to speak. What we see on the surface is just a small percentage of the actual rats that live in New York. There are some studies that state there are between six and ten Rats for every human being. That’s a lot of rats. So Rat Control is a daunting task

Why is Controlling Rats So Difficult?

In addition to the numerous restaurants, residential buildings, offices, and of course the people, there is an uninterrupted supply of food. Add to this the numerous areas that provide harborage as well as the many sources of water it is really a small miracle that the Rats haven’t taken over. For this, you can thank your pest control company and your pest control technician. We wage an endless battle against these rodents and for now, we are winning. New York City has currently undertaken a program to work on sterilizing the female rat population to reduce the breeding level and thus reduce populations. In addition to training programs provided by the Department of Health can say that we are waging a war against these invaders. Animal rights activists of course wish there were a humane way to do this and I believe that birth control is an answer to that call. But you have to realize that rodents harbor disease as well as active parasites that can affect the health and safety of the areas that they inhabit that are frequented by people. When it comes to pest control operators we do not have the time to wait around for the birth control program to take effect. We must use the arsenal that we have at hand for Rodent Control; snap traps, toxic dust, and baits to eliminate our enemy and control rats. Of course, the general public can lend a hand in rat elimination too. Simple things like keeping the property around their buildings in good repair, sealing holes, reducing food availability through proper garbage receptacles all help in the control process. Though based on the physical abilities of the rat they will probably be here long after we’re gone. A3 Superior provides Rat Control and rodent proofing. So we can eliminate them and keep them out. Call us for more information and we will help you exterminate your rats. 







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