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New Jersey

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A3 Superior provides Pest Control to New Jersey We service everything from large management companies (High Rise and Garden Apartment Complexes), top of the line Hotels to single-family homes and apartments both in Cities and small towns. We have been in business since 2004 in our current form (A3 Superior) but originated as a DBA in 1997. We are a family owned and operated pest control firm and pride ourselves on the level and quality of our service. We choose the scientific method of pest management starting with the pest and looking at all avenues of control and our training and expertise reflect that to this day. This is commonly called IPM or Integrated Pest Management procedures. What this means to you is we look at all avenues of control-not just chemical applications.

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NJ Pest Management by A3 Superior

We are not the largest pest control firm serving this area but we are one of the most caring and reputable. Please check our reviews on We can also put you in touch with Executive Housekeepers, Account Executives, Building Superintendents, Directors of Long Term Care Facilities, Restaurant and Bar owners, and of course homeowners and parents who will gladly relate their positive experiences with us. We do our work diligently and with great pride. If you are looking for a Company that will work with you, treat you with care and respect, and honor the commitment we bring to protecting people, property and reputations you have come to the right place.

Exterminating Services NJ

Some of our services include:

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Best Pest Removal Services in New Jersey

If you have a pest problem in New Jersey we offer free advice, in most cases can give you a quote over the phone and do our very best to provide outstanding service and results for the pest problem you are experiencing. We are happy to provide references and we warranty all work provided. We offer free insect identification and as mentioned above all our pest control programs “start with the pest” ensuring the elimination of the pest and the provision of peace of mind knowing your business or residence is being taken care of by one of the premier pest management firms in the World.

We Service the following Zip Codes
SUSSEX County, NJ Covers

ZIP Code Classification City Population Timezone Area Code(s)
ZIP Code 07416 General Franklin 5,781 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07418 General Glenwood 2,249 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07419 General Hamburg 9,160 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07422 General Highland Lakes 6,616 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07428 P.O. Box Mc Afee 0 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07439 General Ogdensburg 2,456 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07460 General Stockholm 3,457 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07461 General Sussex 19,563 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07462 General Vernon 6,885 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07821 General Andover 9,193 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07822 General Augusta 887 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07826 General Branchville 6,180 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07827 General Montague 4,244 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07837 P.O. Box Glasser 0 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07839 P.O. Box Greendell 0 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07843 General Hopatcong 12,241 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07848 General Lafayette 5,026 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07851 General Layton 119 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07855 P.O. Box Middleville 0 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07860 General Newton 26,288 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07871 General Sparta 21,165 Eastern 973
ZIP Code 07874 General Stanhope 8,905 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07875 P.O. Box Stillwater 0 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07877 P.O. Box Swartswood 0 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07879 P.O. Box Tranquility 8,905 Eastern 973/862
ZIP Code 07881 General Wallpack Center 16 Eastern 908
ZIP Code 07890 Unique Branchville 0 Eastern 973/862

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