Pest Control in Nassau County Long Island

Pest Control in Nassau County Long Island

Pest Control in Nassau County Long Island

Long Island. We provide service mainly to NYC and the 5 boroughs but Long Island is calling. Thumbtack we have been told is a great way to expand our presence in the local communities. Time will tell. We appreciate several things about Long Island. Its a little less noisy and crowded, the air is a bit cleaner, the parking is great, and there are a LOT more termites. IN NYC due to it being almost all bedrock there are few termite issues. Long Island on the other hand has lots of sand and soil and lots of termites. Dont worry Nassau County-we are here to help. We provide traditional injection to eliminate termites and we also provide baiting programs that have come a long way since their advent. The effectiveness of the newer programs is really spectacular.  So if you have pest control issues in Nassau County such as ants, termites or mice or anything else for that matter call us. Below you will find some of our specials. But we offer a wide range of services. So if you are having any issues or even have an insect you cant identify call us. We provide free insect identification. Advice is free as well.







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