Introducing Mosquito.Tech

Introducing Mosquito.Tech

We are pleased to introduce Mosquito.Tech This is our new site that is dedicated to controlling and eradicating mosquitoes and protecting you and your family from the diseases that these horrible insects bring. Eventually we are going to have a full line of mosquito misting systems, screens, bed enclosures, both organic and general pesticides, and advice. We can be found here at With the World Health Organization sounding the alarm about the possibility of widespread Zika issues we believe it is time to be proactive in the control and elimination of these insects is much as possible around our homes. It’s important to remember that mosquitoes are generally poor flyers and in a lot of cases when currents can bring them to you. So if you are doing everything right; you’re making sure that you do not have standing water around your property, birdbaths are being treated with mosquito dunks, downspouts are clean and not filled with debris so that the water flows smoothly, there are no depressions that hold water for more than four or five days, planters are drilled through so that standing water will not accumulate etc. etc. if your neighbor isn’t and they are breeding mosquitoes then you are at risk.

One of our first products that we are presenting is the Mosquito Sentry. This is good for protecting about 2000 ft.² and up to 15 people so it’s perfect for a poolside area, your patio, or your deck. It uses 100% organic products as compared to DEET and is barely noticeable yet keeps the mosquitoes at bay. As an introduction we are having a special and providing free shipping to our first 100 clients. You can find that special here One of the main benefits of this product is that it’s quick and easy set up. Pretty much put it in the middle of the gathering, put in the premixed solution which is of course 100% organic (actually food grade material) and turn it on with the included remote control. To pretty neat unit and it works really well. One thing I hate is spraying on all the DEET based products. First of all I don’t like the way they smell and secondly I hate that sticky feeling. I was need to shower when coming in and I never go to bed and less I get that stuff off my skin. The Sentry puts out such a dry vapor that you don’t feel it at all and it has a barely perceptible floral scent. You can actually place several around the yard and control them with the remote control and only run them when you’re hanging out in that vicinity.

One of the things that I’m concerned about that the news really isn’t talking much about is the paralysis that’s being noted after people get sick with the Zika virus. In some cases it is so severe that they have to be put on life support to keep them alive. This is frightening. We need to put forth a concerted effort to eradicate mosquitoes in our environment. And I think there is a great need for the misting systems. Unfortunately even a small misting system can run over thousand dollars. Also the misting system can get pretty complex unless you are protecting just a small area. We will be offering full-service installation of the systems in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.







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