Hospital Pest Control

Hospital Pest Control

Healthcare pest management is critical to the well-being of the patients as well as the reputation of the facility. Some of the stresses of healthcare facilities includes Bed bug control,, small fly control, bird control as well as general pest control.

Each healthcare facility Has its own stressors depending on its location and the construction of the building in which is located. Community factors or commonly called political factors may also come into account based on the population that it is serving.

Every pest control program that we put together is based on the unique operating characteristics of your facility. This will include not only training of staff to address particular issues in different locations, but also will address, pest proofing and sanitation protocols. No one wants to have a rodent issue where red waste is stored.

With A3 Superior Healthcare Pest Control Programs areas are monitored closely for any defects that would allow pests to gain a foothold within the facility. This will include small ant control, Bed bugs, including training for staff in recognizing early levels of infestation, cockroach control, including all food handling areas of the facility and kitchens, refuse management and pest management protocols put into place for these areas, and of course delivery and storage area protocols to control items that may be brought in as captives into the healthcare facility.

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