Cost of Heat Treating For Bed Bugs Can Vary Greatly

Cost of Heat Treating For Bed Bugs Can Vary Greatly

There are many factors involved in the price of bed bug heat treatment

What is the Price of Heat Treating for bed bugs?

Are bedbug heat treatments that much more costly than traditional bedbug treatments? What is the cost of heat treating for bed bugs and cost of a bed bug heat treatment is a very common question.  The answer surprisingly is not as much as you would think! In my experience chemical programs to eliminate bed bugs run anywhere from $.75 to one $1.75 per square foot. This depends on the number of bedrooms involved in that space, the number of bed bugs that need exterminating, the amount of treatments that that space has received, whether this is a commercial job or a residential job, neighborhood (unfortunately), and the amount of clutter. Thermal treatments on the other hand also known as heat treatments for bed bugs can cost as little as $1.25 per square foot up to $3 per square ft. Now those are just base numbers.

Total Price of a Heat Treatment

The cost of heat treating for bed bugs doesn’t tell the whole story. It may be more up front but compared to chemical it may be a lot less money and time. Because let’s face it getting a Chemical bedbug treatment is a hard endeavor You need to be out of your home for several hours, if you’re sick or if you have a small child and you’re doing a chemical bed bug program sometimes that’s a couple of days. And with a chemical program, you are typically out for between 4 to 6 hours in that occurs 2 to 3 times as recommended by the best bedbug management practices. Now in addition to that, you have to take into account preparation time. Now typically with a chemical bedbug program, you have to wash all your clothes or at least dry them at high heat for at least 40 minutes to an hour, you have to empty all the drawers, you have to empty the bottom spaces of your closets, you have to get your clothing dry cleaned, you have to pack up all the children’s toys, you have to have a large amount of smaller items pest stripped because you don’t want to take a chance with them getting sprayed, and that’s just the shortlist. All of that takes time and as everyone knows time equals money. Why do you think they’re so many services that now provide the prep and the cleanup of these types of services? It’s because it takes so much time and it’s a pain in the neck to do the preparation. I remember quite clearly a unit that we did in New York City where the chemical treatment for bed bugs ran about $2500 but the preparation service came in before we charged over four thousand dollars because it had a lot of stuff in the unit that needed to be cleaned up prior to the treatment. We could’ve probably done an extra-long cook for $1000 more and saved the homeowner $3000. Of course, they did get about 25 years of stuff out of that unit. I find it funny that we call it clutter and everyone else calls it their belongings. That all depends on who’s the house your in , yours or someone else’s. All rights so back to the main topic. Once you calculate all the associated costs of doing a chemical bedbug treatment as compared to a thermal or heat treatment for bed bugs I think in most cases the thermal or heat treatment is cheaper. Fewer pesticides in the environment are just a bonus. But if you think of the time, the aggravation, having to be bug food for a month, and all the personal time and energy that you have to put into the preparation of your unit thermals win hands-down. Even more so in 2013 because competition has driven the price down. If you have any questions or comments on this please feel the







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