College Point Pest Management

College Point Pest Management

College Point NY Exterminating Services

College Point is the most isolated neighborhood in Queens. It is home to a working middle-class and is a diverse community made up of mostly residential homes. The area has become increasingly industrialized over the years and despite recent renovations. College Point may be isolated but it is full of culture and unique attributes. The coast line is littered with 100-year old landmarks and newer developed retail stores and industrial complexes. The neighborhoods offer ever changing demographics with an array of diverse shops and restaurants. With these new restaurants so close to the river, the possibility of termites and rodent infestation is high. Ample food source, water supply and adequate hiding, make it a real issues once these pests make your home there’s.

College Point is a popular real estate spot due to cheaper housing and the abundance of street parking. Just like other areas of Queens, the ever growing population and the draw to the area by tourism, means bed bugs are on the rise. They are easily spread and public transportation and communal housing are making it easy for them to find a way in. Once you have them, they can be a real nuisance to get rid of. Having a company with the proper knowledge and experience is a must!

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