Bed Bug Truck Thermal Treatments

Bed Bug Truck Thermal Treatments

Bed Bug Truck Thermal Treatments

The above video demonstrates the same principles of using a box truck to heat treat your belongings for bed bugs. The unit temperature is easily controlled and the items within easily manipulated to ensure everything is treated thoroughly killing all bed bugs as well as their eggs. The primary benefit of this method of extermination is the elimination of any bugs prior to moving into your new residence. Also since a lot of moving trucks are infested with bed bugs anyway this ensures that the truck that you are bringing with you is sanitized. Another major benefit the fact that this is much cheaper than treating an apartment or a home. This is due in fact because the manpower that is typically involve in a whole home treatment or a high-rise apartment building.Of course the biggest expense is of course your time. 

What Can’t Be Heat Treated In A Truck?

Not everything can be heat treated in the truck. Things like candles, oil paintings, bottles of wine or champagne, or other alcohol-related items, matches, ammunition etc. all have to be treated differently and usually separately from the remainder of the items that are packed up. But these can be treated easily with an no pest strip or in the case of high-value items such as expensive oil paintings they can be fumigated.We always recommend prior to moving in to a new place that unit be inspected either by placing climb ups or having a canine come in. We’ve heard a lot of cases where people actually move in to an infested unit. Also it pays to do a search and see if the building is had previous issues and if for your in New York make sure you are getting a report from the landlord or management company on whether or not there’s been previous issues with bed bugs in the last year or so. In New York State this is required by law. A3 Superior Have heat treated approximately 500 trucks over the last several years and I don’t believe we’ve ever had a call back or failure. I think this is because it almost acts like a large oven. The heat cannot help but penetrate deeply all the items that are gathered in the truck. Combine that the fans to circulate the air and you have a hot vortex of their circulating in and out of all your belongings seeking out in killing anything that might be alive. Four hours in 140° in a small space like that will wipe out any infestation no matter how large. If you’re interested in getting a free quote over the phone feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number and we’ll be happy to work through the process with you.







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