Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

What Bed Bugs Look Like

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

I often get asked what Bed Bug Bites look like. People often want to show myself and my staff their areas of irritation-many times without any care about where those bites may be… Unfortunately you cannot tell if you have bedbugs by the marks they leave behind. This is because many times they don’t. It has been shown that about 30% of the population show no reaction to bed bug bites. Once you hit the age of 50 that number of unaffected increases to about 50%. So whenever someone dials us up and states that the Doctor they just went to said they have an infestation at home or they awoke with an itchy bite and they are sure they have bed bugs I always start by asking a few questions. They are typical and not in any order: Have you been travelling recently? Have you spent any time at a friends or relatives home that was infested? Have you stayed in a Hotel and awoken with bites and insects present?

Has anyone come and stayed with you that has been(at a Hotel or travelling)? Have you seen any insects? Are you seeing black splotches or staining along the edge of the bed or on sheets, your headboard, or your nightstand? What type of pattern are the marks in-a group of two to three, a circle, or a triangle? These type of patterns can be cause for concern as they are typically produced by the insect probing capillaries. How fast was the onset-waking up covered head to toe in one night is not the sign of bed bug bites-probably an allergic reaction. If its summer we also must also ask if they have been outside, are there any windows with loose fitting screens or air conditioners with spaces around their securing bracket that will allow mosquitoes to enter. In a lot of cases purchasing climb-ups or interceptors is the recommended course of action. They are very effective at monitoring and cheap as well. So a low cost solution and one that can continue to protect you. Sometimes if the case merits such as recently staying with a friend who found out they have bed bugs-a canine is ordered. In these cases due to the fact that we know of a known exposure i.e. staying with someone with a known infestation  or staying at a Hotel and awaking with bites and insects present. This is because bed bugs are known hitchhikers and get from one location to another via us-we are their main means of transportation. There are a lot of horror stories out there and many people are worried that they will get infested by these creatures. It is important to remember that our skin erupts for many different reasons. We can be allergic to certain foods, soaps or cosmetics. Monthly cycles that drive hormones may cause our skin to break out. Not all marks are made by insects and there are a lot of different insects that bite and of course not all bites are bed bug bites.







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