Ant Control

Safe and Effective Ant Extermination

If you live or do business in New Jersey, you may have dealt at least with one of the six species of ants in the area. Some common species that we deal with in the Northeast are Pharoah, Ghost ants, and Argentine ants. So, to protect your residential or commercial spaces from an ant infestation, you must learn about their behavior, take steps for prevention, and hire ant control services for effective treatment options.

We spend a lot of time every year training our pest control professionals on how to quickly eliminate ants from the source. Our process starts inside the property where we spend time investigating the root cause of ant infestation. So, don’t wait, and give us a call now!

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Effects of Ants In and Around Your Home or Business

In search of food and water sources, ants tend to move around frequently. As ants like to feed on naturally occurring items like fungus, nectar, seeds, and some mammals, even the cleanest home or industrial space may be susceptible to an ant intrusion. Depending on the type of ants you are dealing with, the negative effects vary in every household. Our pest control experts have extensive knowledge of the habits of every ant found in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, DIY ant control solutions are not effective to eliminate pests for a long time. Besides, these solutions only kill the insects that are visible, allowing the colony to survive. So, to eliminate pests for good, contact us. We are backed by the most high-tech products and advanced equipment to reduce the effect of ants from home and business. Just request a free quote, and we will help you take the first step toward eliminating ants for good.

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Our Ant Control Process

We carefully analyze the interior and exterior of your property and look for the perfect solution. Our exterminators know the size of the population and how they are entering. We also check for common areas where pests nest inside your house. By applying this knowledge, we apply our treatment to eliminate this problem quickly. However, reducing ants is not only our motto, we also want to ensure that your family is well-protected throughout the process.

Next, we perform an exterior perimeter application that targets creating a barrier around your home that prevents ants from coming inside. This procedure reduces the ant colonies that are living on your property. Our procedure of eliminating ants and dealing with all your pest control requirements, it’s no wonder why so many property owners choose us from time to time.


Our Other Services

We offer plans with comprehensive, affordable, and environmentally-friendly pest control solutions. All our services are designed to eliminate pest problems to protect your home, family, and pets. So, choose us to receive the following services: